Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CR Solutions Relaeses New Web Site

If you haven't checked out the new web site from the experts in Costa Rica SEO web design, CR Solutions Group, there is no better time. The new web site includes some new sections on SEO, Search Engine Marketing, web development, marketing, and two new free self SEO tips. They're also getting ready to release a new free SEO guide any day now.

If you haven't done so check them out. The new page looks great. Not to mention that they are running some killer specials for the month of January. Save yourself a boat load on SEO and web design. These guys are the experts in Costa Rica.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Commenter Link Love

Gab over at SEO ROI had a problem with his blog hiding a post. While I've never had problems with my blogging software I can feel his pain. To some people blogging is more than just a hobby, it's a career. Every link you can build, every scrap of Internet real estate you can claim helps. Gab knows this as do I. The Internet land rush in Costa Rica is a prime example. Businesses in Jaco (mostly real estate companies) are fighting tooth and nail to get ahead. It takes a lot more that just links to get ahead, but they help. So keep 'em coming, and spread the word.

Costa Rica SEO and Marketing Tips

CR solutions group in Jaco has a great post today on Marketing Tips for writers not only in Costa Rica, but anywhere. I encourage you to go check it out. Writing can be a very difficult process. I especially like the idea of writing all the way through before going back and editing. That one has helped me a lot.